Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back With a Bang!!

No no...this wasn't meant to be a BANG actually! That was just for the sake of the title! I know its been long..really long that I have posted something in here... My very own blog has been left unattended for more than an year now! Last posts I made were all about my upcoming wedding and yes! Here I am a Married lady who already finished one year of love through wedded knot!

Ok! As usual anyone could make the excuse that Married life was "Super busy" or something like I was so busy Honeymooning in some distant land (say Never Never Land) or whatever! But I tell you! I wasn't really that busy! In fact I haven't done anything much of a worth for a human being in this whole ONE YEAR! I wasn't busy moving mountains!

Then What was it?? Yeah! Here you are! I was there in a world of my own enjoying the heights of laziness! If you have seen me you would realize from the body weight I have gained in an year and the of course thanks to my culinary skills that seems to have taken a GIANT LEAP! Proof: My hubby who loves eating has started to love to enjoy more of his passion in Eating! So its like we have both gained hell lot (in terms of body weight). 

Well speaking about the one year of married life, well it wasn't as bad as I used to expect during my last years of teenage thinking "how could you live on forever with one person for the rest of your life?". Nor wasn't it so dreamy like the "fairy tale Happily ever after endings" which I used to dream for the rest of my life(after the teen years). It was a whole lot of new experiences and getting to know each other how we are when without any make up or how we spend a casual day at home together (without ending up in a world war ;) )

Love is not as simple as candle light and is day to day living...taking time...making time to be there...with open arms and a giving heart...

So here's the thing! I am back to the blog world and I don't want to be writing so much more about my personal life for I don't intend to get you people more bored. This is just an announcement that I am back! Hope to come up with more posts soon!! 

Keep smiling!


@PeeVee...hey!!! How you been ?? Need to catch up with so many of you soon!!!

heyyy Sushma!! Thanx and very much happy to see you all coming back to my blog :) Hope to see you around!!

Welcome Back, Cindrella! That is such a sweet comeback post.. May God bless you both with a beautiful life ahead! :)

Welcome back Cinderella. Glad to see a post from you after so long


Psst...i myself got married in Oct last year. :P

Loook whos back!!!!How r u ? Hows the marriage life. We al missed you.

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