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Was That a Joke?

Okay!! My blog baby was left alone for far too long now!! Here's a big sorry to you my blog! Life just got too busy after coming back to God's Own Country. And I had to run behind the BSNL people to finally get my Broadband reconnected. No no...I am not whining and complaining. Life's still beautiful! And I am on the last few days of my wedding preparations :) I know I have been talking too much about wedding in my blog for the past few posts. So not writing so much about it for now. The excitement is all ON. I shall write detailed posts on wedding saga once I am back to the ground state. As promised earlier, here begins our Guest Blogging season. The name of the first guest shall be revealed at the no don't scroll down...Read the post...sit back and enjoy...

Was That a Joke?

(A reporter is taking an interview of Mr. J.K. who is famous for having made a living out of cracking poor jokes or PJs as they are popularly known.)

Reporter: Good evening sir!

JK: Evening! What brings you to my humble abode?

R: BMTC bus no. 335E J

JK: (smiles) Very funny! You know, I am supposed to be the guy who is famous for cracking PJs. But it seems like you too have got some talent.

R:  (shy smile) what can I say sir jee? You are just being humble. I am just a fan of yours and have been using your trademark PJs to gain popularity in my friend circles.

JK: (soaks in the flattering praise and grins flashing a gold-toothed smile) Ok, jokes apart. Let’s get done with the interview soon. I have to shoot for my primetime show ‘Was that a joke?’

R:  Was that a joke?

JK: Sorry, didn’t get you.

R: I mean do you really have a show named like that?

JK: Of course, I do. Huh, what do you think I am joking all the time?

R: Sorry sir, I was not aware of your primetime show. Let’s start the interview.

JK: Ok, I am ready. Shoot!

R: Why do you crack such poor jokes?

JK: Because I am not paid to tell you good jokes.

R: That was really another poor joke.

JK: Hmm… Do you want me to repeat my response again?

R: That was a good one!

JK: I don’t understand you people. When I am cracking poor jokes, you criticize me and when I am saying something seriously, you think I am funny.  Anyways, I am fine with not understanding you people as long as it keeps earning me my bread and butter J

R: Hmm… By the way, people have always wondered what your real name is. We just know you by your initials JK.

JK: Don’t worry. Today, I am going to reveal my real name in my show.

R: (smiles) really? Would you like to reveal the secret to our magazine readers? Don’t worry; our magazine is not going to be released before your show is aired.

JK: Hmm… where shall I begin? It’s a long time-back story when my mother got knocked up before she was married to my father.  When she confronted my father and conveyed that she was pregnant, my father said that he was not ready to marry her as he was just kidding around with her. When she threatened to report this matter to her father who was a gangster, he changed his tone and said to her “Darling, I was just kidding. Let’s get married”. At that moment itself, my mother decided to keep my name as ‘Just Kidding’. However, I didn’t want to attract attention towards my name and hence, I ventured out in this business as JK.

R: Oh! That’s such a weird, emotional, touching story… Wait a minute… Was that a joke?

JK: (grins) yes, my son.

R: Why do you crack such poor jokes?

JK: Why are you repeating the question? (Grins and says) do you want me to repeat back my earlier response?

R: No, not again. Thank you for taking out some time for our magazine. I will leave you now to prepare for your primetime show.

JK: Thank you for being the first reporter who didn’t run away before he was supposedly done with me.

R: (smiles) so, when and where could our readers catch a glimpse of your primetime show ‘Was that a joke’?

JK: (just smiles)

R: Wait… Was that a joke?

JK: (the smile just gets broader)

R: (scratches his head and runs away)

Cindrella's Note: Was that a Joke??? ;) hihi..hope you guys enjoyed it. And if you already scratching your head, go grab his collar. Look out for more spicy humour from ...Anurag Nilesh aka the Technoflirt. Do check out his blogs @ He has a personal blog At the crossroads and a technical one named Technical Flirtings. Also known by the nick name Alchemist he is a cool blogger and a great stalker on twitter! Follow him and get to know him more...

Stay Tuned guys. More of spicy guest posts to come up soon!!! And if you wish to write for me do let me know :) 


Hahhahahha...this was awesome...i like this JK! Even if it was a PJ, the man is smart! Loool

ROFLMAO...Has a way even with the PJ's----> RESPECT

ROFL....that was hilarious :)

Thts nice to see!! Mister JK has got so many fans already!!!!

nice nice nice.... :)

Big smiley for this one :D



That was a witty Joke, not a PJ :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Hahahahahah, naiiiice :D
Loved eet :D

Thank you cindrella for featuring my post here :)

I love the appreciation shown by your readers.
I haven't seen a rise in number of followers on FB or twitter and I think the readers have taken a wise decision of not to follow my blog to avoid further torture :D

Jokes apart, as an optimist, I hope they would have subscribed like using email or google reader :)

And yeah, come back soon, guests like me can't keep your audience entertained for long :)

@alchemist: I hope to be back by mid Oct! :) I am hoping to feature some more guest posts sooon :)

Hahahaha.. That was a nice one.. Poor reporter :P ..

Hehe. This was good. The title really goes with the post. So many PJs in it :P

LOL that was hilarious. I know marriage is a long process but get married already and come back to the blogging world.

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