Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power Cut Creativity!

As mentioned in my previous post, these are the last few days in Bahrain and happens to be my last days in office too. And you know how the last days at office goes. Resignation has already been submitted. Almost all the works has been done (Well, I at least act so) and ready for handover (Poor guy who gets it). So being my last week here, I am trying my level best in not doing much of work. 

And I am having my time browsing through the good old pics in my Hard Disk! I am already looking forward to experience the beautiful rains back home. And while browsing through my photos I found some of the random clicks on a rainy day and as usual the "Power cut"! If I remember it right that was one of the days I was home for a study leave and my creative cells get very active when I am supposed to study. I was happy with the power cut! But mom comes to me with a candle! Oh no! 

But guess what? The candle took over to be my creativity weapon for the day. Take a look at the random snaps of the day! 

In the memories of a rainy day...

Spread your light to the world before you die...

Keep me safe through the storm...

The door that lead to the Heaven...

Washing away all the pain...

There is something about these pics that soothes my heart! I am waiting to feel the rain. Rain My Special Love


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Congratulations and best wishes :)
God bless you!!

ooh the fourth pic is just beautiful..Kerala right?

@Anju: Thank You :)
@Red: Yup!! Its god's own country!! Waiting to fall in love with the rains all over again :)

Haha! I always look forward to resignations. Its fun :D good luck for your next destination and fun post & pics...

OMG the rain *sigh*
I miss the typical stormy messy monsoons back home:|

is that your home? green and beautiful...nice snaps...

Changes are inevitable and keep us going. Have brighter days ahead.

@Chintan: Yup resignations are always fun! :P

@Priyanka: Me too missing the rains. Waiting to get back home...just few more days :)

@SUB: Yup thats my home sweet home :)

@Dr. Antony: Thank You sir :) Hoping for the bright days :)

Power cuts.. synonyms with rains in India :)

Weakest LINK

Ahh she is coming back home and she is so excited :))

Lovely captures especially 2 & 3

@Purba: Yup so much excited :D Just few more days to go! Yipeee...!!

Nice blog :) Must be exciting to return back home, especially when your native is filled with Nature's beauty.

Somehow, this post is very soothing.
And the images, they're lovely!
Happy life ahead!

Love, Risha :)

@Risha: I am happy you enjoyed the post and the clicks :)

Very nicely done, I always say that I have had many romantic candle lit dinners, not by choice but by default due to power cuts.... Good Post

And by the way good luck for your move from Bahrain.

the second and the third picture is beautiful :)

Good luck for your next destination... And those snaps are great!! And hey, thats a nice house with great surroundings! :)

@Vikram: Ha ha that's right!! We have lots of Candle Light dinners over there.

@Defiant Princess: Thank You :)

@Sunil: Yup! Love my home and surroundings!

Yeah I admit it. Kerala is god's own country. Lovely pics.

BTW you have beautiful palms :P

@vamshi: Now the palms compliment is something no one noticed here!! Thanx :P

those pics are really nice, i hope i can have a good long holiday in kerela have a lovely blog sweets.
happy blogging!

Aaah, so u quit?.. I cud sense a feeling of contentedness n a relaxed mind :)

et tu, Cindy? I am olso, Malayalee frm Bahrain (a la Dasan n Vijayan, CBI from Madras;)) :)

Very nice post n very pretty pictures, Cinderella :)

@Ginger: Welcome to God's Own Country :)

@Raj: Nah! Not gona quit yet!! :P Maybe a break for the time being! But you could expect occasional outbursts of Cindy's expressions here!! ahaa....and you too from the Kolayalee gang!! wohoo!! nice!!

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