Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Farewell Again!

Farewells have always been emotional. Seven years ago, it was the end of school life after class Xth! That was not just the end of school life for me. But also I was leaving a country where I had lived a fairly good time of my growing years. Yes, I was bidding farewell to the Island of Pearls! Though I have always loved my homeland above any place in this world, this small beautiful Island was always special for me. Bahrain has always remained my second home. This is the place where I feel warm and cozy and safe. Because whenever I have lived here, it was always under the protecting wings of my parents.

When I had to leave this beautiful country seven years ago, I thought I would never ever be back here again. I was sad about leaving back my dad and my friends! I was also scared about the life that lay ahead of me. Though I have loved my homeland always, I was far too scared to be there alone. I knew I wasn't smart like the other kids back home. I knew I couldn't travel alone. I knew there were so many hidden traps. With the overdose of advice received from a very caring dad, I was even more scared. And there was also a part of me who wanted to seek some adventure. I wanted to try out all the bumpy rides of life. Freedom! One word that had drawn me close to the idea of going home. Though my dad wanted me to study here for the two more years of my school life here, it was me who insisted on going back. I was far too excited about the freedom I would enjoy   ( though a little scared too)

Yes! And I had the adventure and the freedom and learned the lessons for my life from our beautiful homeland. I was no more under my parents wings, well protected. I had to make my choices and live my live! And I am happy that I regret none of the choices I made till date. There were both good and bad ones. The bad ones only made me stronger.

And after spending 6 years in India, with some occasional visits to Bahrain once in two years, again I got back here after my college. That was unexpected. I found a job here after the college. So again I am back here loving this place as always. And spend around 7 months in this beautiful Island. Now home calls me again. And I am going back this weekend. I am getting married. The last time I left Bahrain, Freedom and Adventure was what I wanted. This time I am going back home to tie the nuptial knot. Towards My Happily Ever After.

Goodbye Bahrain! Goodbye Island of Pearls. Good bye Island of Memories!

PS: Hey guys! I am leaving for home. Have to get everything settled there. I may not be able to post very frequently as usual. Oh no! Don't go away! Stay Tuned! I have some beautiful guest posts lined up for you guys for the GUEST BLOGGING SEASON coming up! Love ya all!

And hey here's my wish list for the wedding! Just give me a guest post and help me make my Guest Blogging Season as spicy sweet and sour as possible! I really hope to have this gift from you guys :)

Keep Blogging! Spread smiles!

Let's stay connected! Listen to my random ramblings while I am away from blogging! :)
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Wish you all the very best and Good Luck...
Have a great Wedding :)


I'm happy for you :)
Have an awesome wedding sweety :)
Fill us in with some pictures soon.
Love, Ayushi :)

i got my moms brother n family out thr!
have an awesome time here...coco land calls you!!
Have an awesome wedding!

Hey, wishing you all the best and a very happy married life in advance.. :) Enjoy.. :)

Always say 'poitu varaam' never 'njan poua':)
Good luck with everything milady..

And be safe.

@Kunnu: Thank You!! :)
@Ayushi: Yup! sure..the pics are soon coming its way!! :)

@Red: Wow! That's nice! Bahrain being a small island there are so many chances that they could even be a family friend of ours :)
@Sunil: Thank You for the wishes :)
@ Priyanka: Yup! poyittu varam! Hope to visit this place sometime again!!

Good news.let all dreams come true.

Wow.. wedding bells for someone eh ?;)
I'm really really happy for you !

all the best....it will be a great wedding...happier life awaits you....

@Dr Antony, Priyanka and Sub: Thank You So much for the wishes :)

Ah! sweet memories. They will enchant you forever. Many congratulations for your new journey ahead. Wish you all the luck!
Barkha Dhar

@Barkha: Thanks :) Shall check out your post soon :)

Wish you all the best Cindrella.. May you find your prince charming.

Happy times are here for you, Cindrella and may your Prince Charming be charming forever and ever. All the best in life. Here is a big hug and loads of love.

Have a awesome wedding.. and a life ahead.. :)
Needless to tell, we will miss your blog posts..

I am so used to asking this. Where is the treat madame? :D :D :D

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