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Can you hear the Bells???

Can you hear that beautiful sound? No?? Ohh!! Why am I alone hearing it?? Ahh!! It's the wedding bells. Maybe it's inside me!! Yes!! After years of dreaming and making wishes, it happened during a misty morning in December!  Cindrella has found her Prince Charming!! (Here Cindrella being Indian in the context, her parents, the Matrimony sites etc played the role of the Fairy God Mother, the golden pumpkins, the whiskered rat, the mice, the lizards etc etc. In case you have a trouble remembering the details of Cindrella Story here it is

And another twist in the story is the Prince here comes from the Arabian Sands (he did not really come on a Persian White Horse, he being practical opted for the Air India Express). Everything said and done we got engaged and the long wait began. The Little Guy who's the brand ambassador of Snuggies named Cupid got into his ultra modern times too! He's been stalking us through our phones, head-phones and webcams! Sigh! Cute little guy does wonders! There's no more questions in my mind about the Indian Traditional way of parents bringing you your Prince Charming! So finally I have no more arguments on that side! We are all set for our Happily Ever After! 

Now here comes the last 50 days of the waiting and the countdown has already begun! The wedding planning, the shopping, finalizing  the guest lists, sending out invitations! Voila! I can already see the busy schedules coming up soon! So finally the little Cupid Guy should really be given some break! And we got to get into the serious planning side!

As for the Indian Brides are considered, this is the time of their life! The real princess life! Everyone around you, your parents, uncles, cousins, close friends are all busy making arrangements for your Big Day! Every one is assigned their duties and you are there! Sitting in your couch dreaming and occasionally receiving the phone calls directed through Mr. Cupid's private service! And then discussing the colour of your wedding saree, and the perfect hairstyle with your besties. 
Another entertainment service being listening to the ladies corner discussions about the weight of each golden chains and bangles that has been planned for the day and that you would next day after the marriage get them buried in a Bank Locker! Sigh!  Enjoying all the  attention and care that is generously being showered on you, which you had never enjoyed for the past more than 20 years of your life! 

Here's it! Enjoy it now! All my married cousins and friends whispered the little secret into my ears! Yes yes I know! After the Big Day! It is also going to be the day I would no more be seen as a girl but as a married woman! And the nuptial knot would totally change the care free life! But as for now, like they told me, here's my time to enjoy the Princess Life!

So I have resigned my job here and got less than 2 weeks to work here in the Island of Pearls. After the wedding I shall fly in search of new horizons!

I am already looking forward to the traditional wedding in the Gods Own Country in the coming auspicious wedding season of the place. The Chingamasam! So as the Malayalam song goes "Chingamasam vannu chernal ninne njan en swanthamakkum" (Translate: When the month of Chingam comes, I shall make you mine, my love!)

*Blush blush!!

To all my loving blogging friends: As my life's about to get all busy for the coming 2 months, I may not be able to update my blog so very frequently! But I really really love this blog baby of mine. I shall be honored if any of you would love to give me a guest post here in my blog!  Please visit this link for more details.

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Congratulations and wishing you both all the very best.

oooooooooooooooooh...Whr in Gods own country are having your wedding?
I wanna get married now :(..just for the whole dressing up and shopping stuff :P

@ Mohan: Thank You :)
@ Red Handed: In the cultural capital!! He he!! I know!! That is one part I am looking forward to!!

Am I not invited princess :(

Congrats and wish you both a really happy journey.. (one of the few journeys that people want to completely avoid adventures :P )

@Abhishek: Yes Yes you are!! The formal invitation shall follow in the coming up posts :)

@Rachit: Hey thanks :)

@Abhishek Gupts: Thank You!! I hope to have a smooth ride during the journey :)

:) al smile for the beautiful lady.... congrates form the deep bottom of ma heart... MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND FULFILLS ALL UR DREAMS..." kp smiling, cheering... and enjoy the wait and bloom the d day..... :) :) :)

Hey .. congratulations.. :) Nicely written... Took me back to my wedding days... I mean, it will be different for a guy.. but the feeling are the same ..

Enjoy every moment.. And wishing you a very happy married life in advance.

Hearty congratulations Cindrella. Its time for you to become the real Cinderella to your hubby.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Congratulations! Enjoy the wait. Love. Everything that comes along. Life is so beautiful.. :)

@Sunil: Thank You! That is nice to know the post reminds you of your wedding day! :)

@Drama Queen: Thank You :)

@BA: I hope to be the Cindrella of his dreams :)Thanx for the wishes :)

@Spicy Sweet: Very true! Life's so much beautiful! and enjoying every moment of it :)

congratulations....the fairy tale begins :)


Hey Cindrella! Hearty congrats:) Wish you loads of good luck and cheer. Hope you live happily ever after with your Price Charming!

@Ayushi: Thank You :)

@Sub: That's gona be my Fairytale :)

@Could Nine: Waiting for my Happily Ever After :)

many many ocngratulations! am following your blog, hopefully this blog will remian active even though you will be very busy!

@maniac hunter: Thank You!

@ram: Thanx for the wishes and follow :) I shall keep it active here as much as possible and I have a few very spicy guest posts lined up too :) Stay Tuned :)

Aww baby I am so happy for you....This is the best phase of your life....Just let yourself go and enjoy.

wow... nicely written... wishing u the very best

I have said this a hundred times in other places but here I go yet again,

God bless :)

@Niks: Hey! Thank You :)

@Priyanka: And like always *smile smile and *blush blush! Thanks for the follow and waiting for the Wedding Gift you promised :D

Your words speak how excited you are. Best wishes for your married life. Thanks for your visit to pages from serendipity ;)

@Nandhini: Thank You very much being here! About the excitement part! Yes yes very much :)

Super awesome!
Hearty wishes to you and your would be better half, Cindrella :)

@Risha : Thank you so much for the wishes :)

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