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Can spooky eyes scare you??

Ohh!! Damn!! I can't see who this guy is! He does look familiar!! The one we gawked at in the canteen yesterday?? or the one we spotted at the Basket Ball court?? Shit!! Now they will start talking about him already! Giggling!! But how do I make sure who he is till he comes near!! 

As expected. Shilpa is already talking about him and so is Maya and the whole gang now! I still am trying to make out who he is! They haven't yet mentioned if he's the one we had seen yesterday in the canteen or the basketball court.

Maybe I should get my specs from the bag which I take out only when I sit at the back bench and if I really feel its important to see what the lady is writing on the board! Ahh!! That's a rare occasion that I would really feel the need! Damn this short sight!!  
Here's the guy already! Oh!! Damn it!! The same guy at the basket ball court! And did he just try to smile at me?? No!! Maybe he might have!! But I would always look so hostile if he had tried doing it from a distance! The damn short sight doesn't let me see his smile, if at all he did!!

Ok! Now that's it! This has to end! I need a clearer vision. It's almost the end of the first year at college already! Had tried my best to convince my parents since 10th grade when my vision started to blur at first! I need contact lenses! I hate having to wear specs! 

Two years in the school was fine with the specs! In fact I wasn't bothered. I thought the specs and my spooky looks would keep me away from the distraction. I secretly wanted to get into some Government College for Engineering! Not because I wanted to learn and be an intellectual or anything. More because I was looking for Fun and Freedom! Oh well, again I had so many misconceptions which were true to an extent too. I thought joining a Government College would let me fly around like we see in movies. That didn't really happen so. Sigh! 

The first day in college I had decided No spooky looks! The reason being I read somewhere that Girls with Specs scare the Guys away!! Is that true guys? I kinda believed it might be true. So getting rid of the nerdy looks became so important for me. But now life was getting tougher without them. Now after getting rid of the spectacles (I mean after hiding them beneath my books) did it do me any good? Okie, now I wasn't scaring the guys away like I thought before. In fact I couldn't even see them. How could I scare them away now huh? Oh I didn't completely get rid of them. I used to wear them on the exam days. God knows why! I could very well read the question paper and answer without the aid of my specs. Maybe I wanted to scare away the distractions on such days. *wink!

So finally, after all the thinking over and 'Googling' I made the decision. I need the contact lenses! And after the big fights at home I made it. Hurray. So the very first days went totally excited! I have a clear vision. I could even wink at guys from a distance. Not that I did it. I could at least see them do it from a distance. So now the scaring away the guys for my spooky looks are over! But began another new life. During the first days of using the lenses I used to be this extra careful girl. I even started to wake up early. Only 5 mins earlier! I used to do the cleaning ceremony of my lenses when all my roomies were busy doing the last minute make-up and having the fight for the one single mirror that had survived in our room, due to very careful handling. But with the coming of the lens I did enjoy the priority being given. They wouldn't fight over the mirror when I was busy wearing my contacts! Oh my god! They really had the patience. 

And almost two months passed by. My mom is always right about me. As she had predicted, I lost the whole interest! I couldn't tolerate having to compromise my 5 mins of sleep in the morning! Neither was I so much of a careful girl who could actually have so much of patience. Mornings became busy hunting down the lens liquid that used to be hidden down somewhere beneath the pile of clothes or under the cot or in the make up kits or wherever you can imagine. Yes! You are right! Anywhere you could let your imagination go! Duh!. Moreover if I were to have a spicy breakfast, then putting on my lens after the food would become a scary task for me! I almost had to become a doctor washing hands after his operation. I couldn't stand it any longer.I failed miserably. So finally I dropped it! And got back to wearing specs on the Exam days and the important lectures (the ones I felt were important). And that became my happily ever after story about me and my spectacles! 

And about the Guys! Maybe that could be the reason I couldn't pick a good one from the college! Even the lack of quantity and quality did matter! Sigh! I could find different reasons for that except blaming myself for it!

And the college life went on though I once in a while sulked about it! One fine day when a good friend of mine decided to go for contacts again, I decided to give it one last try! And it worked out for me! The final year in college! So dropped the occasional meet up with my specs and fell in love with the contacts all over again. This time I was able to get hold of a monthly disposable one which suits my careless attitude! Even if I were to misplace my lens case once in a while I had the full freedom to throw off my lens and get a new pair from the stock very next day! Life got so much simpler! Well, not that simple! I still have to compromise on the 5 mins of extra sleep in the morning!

Now my eyes has it's privilege to show off their beauty! 

PS: Now for the guys reading this, girls with specs, does it really matter? Just to clear the concept that had got into me earlier!

And hey don't forget my call for the guest bloggers in my previous post. I have a few cool and spicy bloggers lined up for the guest blogging season. :) Stay Tuned!


It does not matter. :)


girls with specs or without matter less, its the girl which matters more.

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Ha ha.. Nice post.. And nop.. Just because of having spectacles guys run away? No way... It doesn't matter :)

@Kunnu, Rachit and Sunil: Now that's nice to know!! Seems I shouldn't have bothered so much about the spooky looks through the specs! Sigh!

I dont think guys really bother about specs.. as long as you're sexy and smart, specs can be very much ignored :P

And thank god my eye sight isnt that poor. I used to study during the last 2 months of exams.. so the only time I needed my specs in college was from March to May. :D

I have been wearing specs since 8th standard. Ask me why? I have .75 power and can do without specs. They r required just while reading. But i hate my green eyes and thus use it. U wud hv seen those scary eyes everytime u open my page. Yes tht!.

But maybe its because of my awesome glass frames, m not tht spooky and my guy loves me..khi khi khi.

Oh yes...That girl in specs at the last bench:( Guys no doubt hate spectacled girls, poke fun of them at the slightest pretext. have seen it many a time at class...Duh! Don't be mislead by the guys here:P

@Defiant Princess: That's true! When it comes to a serious relationship specs could very well be ignored :) How about the first looks and first impression??

@Red Handed: Girl You have beautiful eyes I must say!! Well that pic has a scary touch though :P And that's nice you have found a guy who sees beyond the specs :)

@Cloud Nine: At least for the first impression the spectacles do matter nah!! Maybe the guys here mentioned about a serious relationship!!

Still not able to not chuckle at 'cleaning ceremony'.

I think that it is a question of quantity and quality of the objects!

BTW, while you are squinting your eyes, trying to guess if the funny guy was smiling or smirking, you could have looked for those who were squinting, trying to guess your expression.

They are the best bet. You can even play loving "exchange exchange" of glasses and contacts with them :)

@Mangoman: smiles smiles!! :D and hey welcome to my blog :)

@Sunil: Whoa!! And I have always seen so many guys look better when they wear specs:D

Hii i came here while surfin...i love your posts and ur blog's entire look was nice....

i find females wid specs sho sho sho cute.its really a misconception that females have.specs or no specs doesnt make much difference :)

@RK: Welcome to my Blog :)
@maniac hunter: Thats nice to know!! So sometime when I start hating my life again I can still have a life :P

I have been trying to wear specs since I was 12! Fake headaches, countless visits to the optometrist, but to no avail. When I hit 40, I tried again...but I was turned away yet again.

I personally think girls with specs look hot. And there are so many styles to chose from :)

@Purba: ohh!! Poor you ;) Yea!! That is true! Some of them really look cool and now they have great styles too to choose from! But I can't tolerate my looks in the mirror with the specs on :(

Specs or no specs, makes no big difference. Its the eyes behind the specs that matter ultimately. So if someone actually says the specs look good on you, I reckon they're hinting that the eye-specs combo compliment each other.

BTW I`ve been wearing a pair since my 7th Std and now people find it different if I try on my lenses occasionally.

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