Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rules to WRITE!!!

Remember the times in school when we were taught to write different sorts of letters, short messages, notices, diary entries etc etc....what more everything and everything...

Everything had a particular format..word limit....everything was bound by certain rules we had to follow...i used to be a confused kid back then...

I remember someday when someone in our class wrote for a diary entry question....starting with "Dear Diary"...and the teacher told her...thats not the way you write a diary entry...and i kept wondering...since then i have always wondered...diary entry...informal letters etc??? Do they really need to have a format???

True..we need to follow certain disciplined ways to write....i agree having a worldwide accepted format in writing a Formal letter or application would be good in some way...but when it comes to writing a letter to someone we are emotionally involved....or while writing a personal diary entry...how could one evaluate that?? The school syllabus(for languages), i believe, should be intended to improve a child's communication ability and creativity.

Back then (even now) i always loved poetry...i loved to scribble down my thoughts...but when it came to a language exam...i was always scared of the formats!!! We were taught different formats for different kinds of letters...Oh GOD!! i used to write down all the format in one big piece of paper and i kept revising them before entering the exam hall...those were tough days...

now that i am grown up...and I have found out a new way of expressing....i feel very much comfy in my BLOG...i could write about anything and everything i want.....anytime i want....without being bound by rules.....RULES TO WRITE...

Think about it: Don't you think its time they should change this way of teaching the languages at school??? Don't you think they should be giving more importance to improving a child's creativity in using a particular language and not in FORMATS??? Don't you think their imagination should be allowed to fly high...and they need to be allowed to express...

Thank god...they dint teach how to write love letters at school :P


It's a very nice thought. Why should everything be bound by rules? The best expression is often one that generates a feeling, and that's cool.

thanx for the comment amritha.. :)

hope to see you again in my blog.. :)

Totally agree... We definitely need to revamp our education system such that it promotes more originality and creativity in the child. However, given our population size and the typical teacher to student ratio in our country and the ridiculous amounts of competition for higher education seats helped in no small measure by the rampant reservations, don't you think it will take some time to come through... :-)

The last sentence summed up the sentiments nicely :-). Well written.. Keep on blogging.

yes definitely!! it cannot happen in a day!! will take some time!! but lets hope the education system would slowly change giving way to a system where a child creativity and skills are developed!!

Thanks for the comment Sri :)

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