Did you know Mushrooms belong to the Kingdom Fungi or Fungus?? So are Indians!


Through centuries we have evolved. From animals to the social animals have we come. But have we left behind our animal instincts???


The Gallery @ GEC, Thrissur is one place that every one in college would cherish for a Life time...Here's a beautiful letter from the Gallery to Me!! Discover her Beauty...


When the cigars invade my otherwise beautiful day....


Not all NRIs are wealthy, not all of them are living their life in heaven...and not all of them would complain...and not all of them know what to do after they return to their home country...


What does real beauty mean to you??


When someone helps you "blast" your Resume to help you find your Dream Job. Could you really blast it???


Oh Baby!! What happens when you forget your girlfriend's b'day?? So what if its your blog and not your GF???


Here's a little 'girly' secret to the Guys....


Give it a thought, my pal..if humans still had a tail..i can't stop my imagination starts blowing..

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monsoon Breeze

Hi My Dear Blog World,

It's been a long break! A really long one. I haven't blogged for like ages now! Thanks to all people who send me personal messages asking where I disappeared. I was so happy to see them! But life took its troll on me and I was too busy and too lazy to ponder my creativity.

Finally I have realized and made up my mind for a new beginning in my blogging career. I started with a New Blog.
Check out my new venture! Please support me like it was done always :) Would love to hear from you all and your feedback regarding the new blog.

A few words about Monsoon Breeze:
We at Monsoon Breeze believe in the Quality of every word put together. Our most important motive is to bring to you interesting information, inspiring stories and innovative ideas from writers around the world.
Monsoon Breeze! The cool breeze that blows just before the rain soothing your mind, body and soul!
Sit back and relax. Let this be a place for you to unwind. Get little ideas to spice up your free time. From books to little fun activities to tips and tricks to save your time and money during busy days..Health and beauty to parenting and craft ideas..those little easy dishes to add to your culinary skills.. Find anything and everything here.
Looking for your feedback! Also please let me know if any one of you willing to Write For Us!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back With a Bang!!

No no...this wasn't meant to be a BANG actually! That was just for the sake of the title! I know its been long..really long that I have posted something in here... My very own blog has been left unattended for more than an year now! Last posts I made were all about my upcoming wedding and yes! Here I am a Married lady who already finished one year of love through wedded knot!

Ok! As usual anyone could make the excuse that Married life was "Super busy" or something like I was so busy Honeymooning in some distant land (say Never Never Land) or whatever! But I tell you! I wasn't really that busy! In fact I haven't done anything much of a worth for a human being in this whole ONE YEAR! I wasn't busy moving mountains!

Then What was it?? Yeah! Here you are! I was there in a world of my own enjoying the heights of laziness! If you have seen me you would realize from the body weight I have gained in an year and the of course thanks to my culinary skills that seems to have taken a GIANT LEAP! Proof: My hubby who loves eating has started to love to enjoy more of his passion in Eating! So its like we have both gained hell lot (in terms of body weight). 

Well speaking about the one year of married life, well it wasn't as bad as I used to expect during my last years of teenage thinking "how could you live on forever with one person for the rest of your life?". Nor wasn't it so dreamy like the "fairy tale Happily ever after endings" which I used to dream for the rest of my life(after the teen years). It was a whole lot of new experiences and getting to know each other how we are when without any make up or how we spend a casual day at home together (without ending up in a world war ;) )

Love is not as simple as candle light and is day to day living...taking time...making time to be there...with open arms and a giving heart...

So here's the thing! I am back to the blog world and I don't want to be writing so much more about my personal life for I don't intend to get you people more bored. This is just an announcement that I am back! Hope to come up with more posts soon!! 

Keep smiling!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Another Love Story...

So after quite a long time here comes the second post of the Guest Blogging Season. And I am so so so happie to have this wedding gift from the Beautiful Story Teller....Miss. Priyanka Victor. Go check out her blog : Confessions of the Chocolate Obsessed. Her stories are just like the Chocolate...once you taste fall in love with them...
So be prepared to fall in love with her beautiful words...

Here's the beautiful love story from the Chocolate Obsessed Lady....



Don’t expect any fireworks or twists, because they aren’t any. Sometimes, life is beautiful enough that way.

Love stories are splendid. They make us believe in the good things, they make us laugh and cry at the same time. But most of all they give us hope.

Some love stories are like rainbows in the sky, like shooting stars, like a brilliant burst of fireworks in the black night. There is instant attraction, fabulous dates, syncing of the souls, amazing discoveries about each other, mind-blowing sex, a perfect proposal, parties, champagne, laughter, penthouses, a honeymoon in Italy, perfect children and careers and a dog and happily ever after.

And some love stories are just demure, flowers-on-the-wall. There is just a bond. A bond that is quiet, staid and simple. A bond that goes unnoticed except by the closest and deemed inconsequential by all those who don’t understand it.One single bond, as pure as the Heavens above and strong enough to withstand seven births & deaths and everything in between.

One such love story, I have been lucky to witness. Its end, I know not, I can only hope for. But I consider myself lucky to have been an admiring bystander. The experience has but humbled me.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Was That a Joke?

Okay!! My blog baby was left alone for far too long now!! Here's a big sorry to you my blog! Life just got too busy after coming back to God's Own Country. And I had to run behind the BSNL people to finally get my Broadband reconnected. No no...I am not whining and complaining. Life's still beautiful! And I am on the last few days of my wedding preparations :) I know I have been talking too much about wedding in my blog for the past few posts. So not writing so much about it for now. The excitement is all ON. I shall write detailed posts on wedding saga once I am back to the ground state. As promised earlier, here begins our Guest Blogging season. The name of the first guest shall be revealed at the no don't scroll down...Read the post...sit back and enjoy...

Was That a Joke?

(A reporter is taking an interview of Mr. J.K. who is famous for having made a living out of cracking poor jokes or PJs as they are popularly known.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power Cut Creativity!

As mentioned in my previous post, these are the last few days in Bahrain and happens to be my last days in office too. And you know how the last days at office goes. Resignation has already been submitted. Almost all the works has been done (Well, I at least act so) and ready for handover (Poor guy who gets it). So being my last week here, I am trying my level best in not doing much of work. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Farewell Again!

Farewells have always been emotional. Seven years ago, it was the end of school life after class Xth! That was not just the end of school life for me. But also I was leaving a country where I had lived a fairly good time of my growing years. Yes, I was bidding farewell to the Island of Pearls! Though I have always loved my homeland above any place in this world, this small beautiful Island was always special for me. Bahrain has always remained my second home. This is the place where I feel warm and cozy and safe. Because whenever I have lived here, it was always under the protecting wings of my parents.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goose Gold and The God!!

Hey guys, I have been writing @ The Lazy Us once in a while. This is one platform where you could find so many young enthusiastic bloggers. Check out my Latest Post at The Lazy Us. Goose loves the Gold and so is the GOD. Do check out the beautiful blog! 

Previous Posts by me @ The Lazy Us

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can spooky eyes scare you??

Ohh!! Damn!! I can't see who this guy is! He does look familiar!! The one we gawked at in the canteen yesterday?? or the one we spotted at the Basket Ball court?? Shit!! Now they will start talking about him already! Giggling!! But how do I make sure who he is till he comes near!! 

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